PC Repairs York

PC not performing properly? Running slow? Don’t worry, no matter where you purchased it from, with FREE consultation we will determine the problem, and then be able to give you an accurate quote. The repairs are carried out in store ( Evans Business Centre, 1 Audax Close York YO30 4RA ) by experienced technicians.

Next Step:

All we need is the base unit, the PC itself. No power leads or the monitor. Please bring with your PC any Anti-virus or other software you want installing like Microsoft Office, CD Driver discs, you have in your possession, or anything you are not sure of.

What to expect if your machine has had a full re-install:

In the event of a full re-install of your PC or Laptop, ALL your data and software will have been erased! However, if you need any data retrieving please inform us before hand! Data would include such aspects as your:

  • Pictures taken with your digital Camera.
  • Music, MP3′s
  • Videos files,
  • Mobile phone data / images.
  • Business data, Excel & Word files, CV’s, spreadsheets etc.
  • Emails from Outlook or other email clients / Address book / Favourites.
  • Invoicing software such as Sage, Quickbooks etc.
  • Specific Programmes such as Adobe Photoshop; CAD Software etc.
  • Backed up Data
  • My Documents / My Pictures
  • Please ask for further details if in doubt.

PC Repairs York

For more information about having your PC repaired and what it entails including typical costs, please check out the famous and reliable Which website

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If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us on: (01904) 691 311. Alternatively email for more information